Zion Orthodox Primitive Baptist Church
                 " Enter To WORSHIP - Exit To SERVE"
                                    Elder P. L. Jones Jr., Pastor

Spiritual Obligation:

To lift up Jesus Christ in your prayers, singing, serving, thinking and your daily living so that others may see the Savior in you and glorify Him.

Visiting and caring for the widows and orphans.  Doing good unto all mankind.

Faithful attendance at Prayer Meeting, Bible Class, Church School, Worship Services and Communion.

Being a "doer" of the word (Every member should strive each year to bring at lease one soul to Christ).

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Preaching the whole gospel to all the people and to be governed and guided by the Word of God.


Sunday - 8:00am & 11:00am
Sunday School - 9:30am
Monday Bible Study - 6:00pm
Tuesday Prayer Meeting - 7:00pm

Calendar Events

June 2016 

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