The place was Cocoa, Florida. The year was 1880. The event was the organization of Zion Orthodox Primitive Baptist Church of Jesus Christ. The founder was the late Reverend Butler Reed. Its membership consisted of nine persons, five of whom were Reverend Butler's sisters. The last of them, Sister Victoria Brown, was laid to rest in 1950.

The first building of Zion Orthodox Church was located on the southwest corner of Florida Avenue and Orange Street. During the great land boom, this property was sold and land was purchased on Magnolia Street, now Magnolia Street Crossing. Before construction of any kind could begin, East Coast Railway bought the property for the purpose of expanding the tracks. The church then purchased a lot on Avocado Avenue. The avocado address was home for Zoin Orthodox for "51" years. In 1976, church relocated to 715 Fiske Boulevard, where "The Church with the Friendly Welcome" still stands. Nicknamed this since its early beginning, this descriptive reference even today refers to Zion Orthodox reputation for inclusivity and warmth.

Fifteen pastors have served Zion Orthodox to date. The current pastor, Elder P.L. Jones, Jr., began his pastorate in January 1974. Under Pastor Jones' leadership several boards and auxiliaries have been organizedA man of deep devotion, Pastor Jones is first devoted to his Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, to his family, to his flock, and to his community. Under the watchful care of the Almighty God, and the leadership of His under shepherd P. L. Jones, Zion Orthodox Church has progressed tremendously. Membership today exceeds seven hundred. To God Be the Glory! 

Church History

Zion Orthodox Primitive Baptist  Church

To lift up Jesus Christ in your prayers, singing, serving, thinking and your daily living so that others may see the Savior in you and glorify Him.

Visiting and caring for the widows and orphans.  Doing good unto all mankind.

Faithful attendance at Prayer Meeting, Bible Class, Church School, Worship Services and Communion.

Being a "doer" of the word (Every member should strive each year to bring at lease one soul to Christ).